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A little bit about me...and my work with you. 

Well hello there! I'm Roxy. 

I am a trauma informed Reiki Master, Priestess, Shadow Working word-witch, Yogi, space holder, spiritual guide, and published author...among many other things!

I am on a mission to awaken women to the transformational power, wisdom, and divinity that lives deep within themselves; specifically in their wombs, wounds and in their stories. 

Along with my extensive training as an energy practitioner, I also hold a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and Childhood and Family Development. I have over a decade of experience working with a variety of neurodiverse individuals who are stepping into the seat of their own souls. 

As a space holder, I welcome you as you are. I see you as you are. And I meet you where you are. 

Throughout my journey, I have dedicated my life to understanding the way in which the human psyche and soul dance together to create the human experience. And after all these years, this is what I have found out: We are embodied precious moments in time, healing across timelines while learning to do so through the relationships we have both with ourselves and with each other. We learn to heal through our relationships; yet, it is also through them that we often get hurt or traumatized the most. This is where my work, or rather my medicine, comes in. 

I have a deep passion for sitting with those ready to navigate the in-depth work surrounding grief, abandonment, heartache, and healing as it relates to trauma that was experienced through relationships. This can be through the relationships we have with others, and also the one we have with ourselves.  

My life's work is to create a space where individuals can go to walk through the depths of their own inner labyrinth, their sacred Underworld. A place where they can meet their shadows, dismantle their limiting beliefs, alchemize their traumas and wounds and shed what no longer serves them so that they may unapologetically step forward into their sovereignty and wholeness.

If you see yourself reflected through these words, know that you are not alone. 

You are not alone. 

You are held. You are worthy. You are safe. 

Your tears. Your grief. Your anger. Your joy. Your everything is welcome here. You are welcome here, just as you are. This is your messy, beautiful, sacred space. This is your chrysalis; your self-initiation.




I have been working with Roxy in a variety of her offerings including Reiki and ritual work throughout the past two years. As someone in the past, who has leaned heavily on traditional therapy but not seen success, her offerings have given me a breath of fresh hair. Oftentimes in traditional therapy you are just working through issues in a vocal sense, whereas with the offerings with Roxy allow you to have those conversations internally and then work with her through your own realizations. Roxy holds the space for you and follows your lead; if you want to sit in silence she will hold that for you, if you want to talk through what you are seeing and feeling she will do that. I highly recommend anyone working with Roxy on her offerings. She will learn you and what you need and make the process seamless for you. I have learned so much about myself and been able to work through a lot of my past experiences, struggles, and strengths in a new light.

- Ariail H.

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